Kaia Girl Success Story: Chelsea B

After graduating from college and starting a new job, it did not take long for the "desk job lifestyle" to begin taking its toll on my health and fitness level. Slowly but surely, my clothes got too tight and my confidence slipped away. Wanting to get in better shape but unsure...

Kaia Girl Success Story: Diane G

It seems as though "boutique gyms" are popping up everywhere these days.  What makes Kaia stand out from the crowd?  It's for women only...but there's a few others around like that.  For me, what makes Kaia different from the rest is how it is 100% adaptable to...

Kaia Girl Success Story: Jen C

I just celebrated my 1-yr anniversary at Kaia. I can't tell you enough about how much I love Kaia and how much it has changed my life! When I started I was in the worst shape of my life and wasn't sure that there was an answer. Then I found Kaia, the best coaches, and the greatest group...

Kaia Girl Success Story: Jen

When I started Kaia I was really, really nervous. I had been sedentary for many years and knew I needed help but could not afford the personal trainer approach. I had tried Weight Watchers and a few other programs but always ended up super hungry or obsessed about points, and I have tried...

Kaia Girl Success Story: Rosie T

My journey began seeking a healthier lifestyle in my retirement years. Having only one kidney (donating the other to my husband) it was very important to me to maintain my health. Although I kept busy right after I retired from CSU, Sacramento, walking was my only exercise. One...

Kaia Girl Success Story: Mary D

Well, here it is…I turned 55 in February of this year.  I knew my physical health had been lacking.  I’ve always been a yo-yo dieter.  Although I walked almost every day, I wasn’t doing real physical exercise.  I had in the back of my mind that at 55 and...

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